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Bamboo Ceiling

Are you looking for a special ceiling? MOSO offers a bamboo ceiling, which is fire rated (according to highest norm) and has a very special look: the rings of the bamboo stem are clearly visible in the end product (they are called the ‘nodes’).

MOSO has supplied 200.000m2 ceiling panels for the Madrid airport in Spain. This is the biggest ‘bamboo project’ in the world. By using a special technique, the ceiling panels were made very flexible, enabling them to be curved and fitting in the special design of the airport (design: Richard Rogers).

The bamboo ceilings can either be made of bamboo veneers or bamboo panels. The veneered ceiling panels are very flexible, while the ceilings made of bamboo panels have a more ‘solid’ look.

MOSO cooperates with various partners who are specialised in installing ceilings. If you would like to get more information about the MOSO bamboo ceiling, please fill in the contact form on our website.