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Bamboo Flooring

Have you ever considered using bamboo flooring? MOSO offers a very broad range of bamboo floors. Whether you want it in your bed room, your bath room or in a shop or restaurant: MOSO has the floor to fit each situation.

Some MOSO bamboo flooring types are especially developed for floating (not glued to sub floor) installations. Other types are designed to be glued down, possibly even on floor heating. Some MOSO bamboo flooring types are lacquered, others are oiled, but you can also buy MOSO bamboo flooring unfinished and choose your own finish to be applied at site.

MOSO is very experienced in translating the Western standards towards Chinese production circumstances. By doing so, a top class product is made, at a highly competitive price.

MOSO is permanently looking for new partners to expand the existing distribution structure. If you feel your company fits our strategy, please contact us. If you just want a MOSO bamboo floor in your house or in the project you are working on, please feel free to contact us, too!