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Bamboo Panel

Do you want to create a special look in your furniture? You could use our special MOSO bamboo panel: it is both design and ecology in captured in one. By using the MOSO bamboo panels in for example your kitchen, your cabinet, or even your stairway, you obtain a unique look in your product.

The MOSO bamboo panel is made by pressing bamboo strips (which were sawn from a bamboo stem) together. By either pressing the strips flat or upright, two different looks are created: plain pressed or side pressed. Both looks are available in a ‘natural’ (white/yellow) color and a ‘caramel (brownish) color. The thickness of such a panel is 3 or 5 mm.

By pressing together more of these so called ‘1 ply panels’, a ‘solid multi layer panel’ is created. The maximum thickness of such a panel is 45mm. By using alternate plain pressed and side pressed layers, a very attractive look is created at the side of the panel. This is interesting for applications such as stair treads or table tops.

MOSO is permanently looking for new partners to expand the existing distribution structure. If you feel your company fits our strategy, please contact us. If you just want a MOSO bamboo panel in your house or in the project you are working on, please feel free to contact us, too!