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Bamboo Rug

The MOSO bamboo rug is made by connection bamboo strips (which were cut from the bamboo stem) by means of weaving thread or tape on the backside. In addition, a fabric backing is applied to make the product more rigid. Bamboo rugs are available in a ‘natural’ (white/yellow) colour and a ‘caramel’ (brownish) colour. In addition, the material can be stained, enabling us to offer a complete range of colours.

The bamboo rug can also be made by using veneered bamboo strips. These strips, which are 50mm wide, are made by pressing different layers of veneer together. These strips are then connected by tape on the backside and additionally with a fabric backing.

The MOSO bamboo rug is supplied on a roll, but can also be delivered ‘by the metre’. Normally a latex backing is applied, to allow easy gluing on the sub floor.

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