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Bamboo Wall Covering

Do you want an eco friendly, fire rated, unique wall covering? The solution is MOSO bamboo wall covering. Its special look, combined with its ecological benefits, make it your best option!

One alternative is using bamboo veneer: bamboo veneer is made of the 6 year old ‘MOSO’ bamboo. By using special impregnation techniques, the material can be fire rated according to the highest standards for wood materials. By pressing multiple layers of veneer, a highly flexible panel is made. We can produce bamboo wall coverings up to a length of 2745mm. We can offer this product in any width and thickness – in other words: custom made for you!

Another choice for bamboo wall covering is using solid bamboo panels: for example a 3mm panel which is pressed on a core panel.

If you want samples and documentation of the MOSO bamboo wall covering, please contact us through the contact form on the website or by e-mail: