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LCA - Carbon footprint

TU Delft: MOSO products are CO2 neutral over full life cycle

MOSO has commissioned Delft University of Technology to execute an official Life Cycle Assessment following the ISO 14040 and 14044 standard. The LCA report, which includes a full carbon footprint assessment, concludes that all assessed MOSO products (all solid bamboo flooring, decking, panels and veneer) are CO2 neutral or better over the full life cycle.

From the research becomes clear that bamboo is an important and very fast CO2 ‘fixator’. This means that bamboo absorbs, during its growth and life until harvest, a relative big amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. After the harvest this CO2 will remain in the material and will only be released when this material is burnt in a biomass energy plant where it can act as substitute for fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

For MOSO, it is very important to keep the emissions of greenhouse gases during this process as low as possible, by very efficient production. By comparing the CO2 fixation and fossil fuel substitution in the End-of-life phase on the one hand, with the emissions during production, transport and use on the other, the CO2 balance of a product over the full life cycle can be determined. When the carbon credits through CO2 fixation and fossil fuel substitution are larger than the emissions, the product is CO2 neutral. This is the case for the solid bamboo products of MOSO.
The report is available upon request.

MOSO Official LCA - Carbon footprint PDF

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