Discover MOSO® bamboo decking, bamboo boards, bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo beams, and more

MOSO®, named after Zhu Mao, the fastest growing and most important giant bamboo species in China, leads the European market in interior and exterior bamboo products as a result of its intense focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability.

MOSO® considers bamboo the most viable solution to deforestation of tropical rainforests. Using proven sustainable bamboo products, MOSO® offers a natural and renewable alternative to hardwoods for decking, siding, flooring, wallcoverings, beams, boards and worktops while far exceeding requirements in application, safety, and hardness.

The MOSO® name is synonymous with premier bamboo decking, flooring, panels and veneer, but it's also recognized as the foremost leader in the industry because of its focus on sustainability, quality, and innovation.

MOSO bamboo products:

Bamboo X-treme® Outdoor decking

Bamboo X-treme® | Outdoor decking

Outdoor bamboo

the fast growing hardwood alternative

bamboo siding

Bamboo X-treme® | Outdoor siding

Outdoor bamboo

bamboo X-treme® (outdoor siding)

Bamboo Supreme floor | MOSO® Bamboo flooring specialist

Bamboo Supreme | 2-ply flooring

Eternal Collection

Perfect compromise between durability and stability

Bamboo Solida floor

Bamboo Solida | solid wide board

Grand Collection

hard as stone, beautiful as wood

Bamboo Elite floor

Bamboo Elite | solid wide board

Grand Collection

long and wide boards - 100% bamboo

Topbamboo flooring

Topbamboo | engineered board

Dynamic Collection

versatile and easy to install

Bamboo floor Purebamboo

Purebamboo | Solid strip

Dynamic Collection

economical and 100% bamboo

Bamboo Forest floor

Bamboo Forest | solid wide board

Eternal Collection

Bringing the bamboo forest to your floor

bamboo worktops solid panel

Solid Panel

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Solid Panel

Bamboo timber beams

Solid beam | Solid joist

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Solid Beam (indoor)

Bamboo Flexbamboo wallcovering

Flexbamboo | Wall covering

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

Flexible and colourful

Bamboo veneer

Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo beam, panel & veneer

MOSO® Veneer

Bamboo N-finity outdoor laminated beams

Bamboo N-finity | Outdoor laminated beams and siding

Outdoor bamboo

MOSO® Bamboo N-finity beams

Beams Outdoor

Durability - Class 1

Bamboo outdoor material with durability class 1 (European norm 350) tested following CEN/TS 15083-1...more about bamboo durability