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MOSO® Bamboo flooring, panels and beams were used in the expansion and renovation of the Ricoh Europe office. Grasso den Ridder Architects provided the full structural architecture, interior design and project management in the implementation. The new office looks light and open, thanks to the eyecatching transparent glass facade of ten metres high and seventeen metres wide. With MOSO® Bamboo products a warm and durable product is used in the project.

An inspiring working environment

Architect Ferry den Ridder: “The brief from Ricoh was to create an inspiring working environment and a representative reception area. By opting for expansion and renovation rather than new construction, a major step was made in the sustainability advantages of the project. The 10-metre high glass facade of the main entrance, through which the striking staircase is visible, forms the connecting element between the fully renovated existing office area and the new office area at the mezzanine.”

Bamboo stairs in Ricoh Office

"Bamboo gives warmth to the project and it is sustainable, both in the sense that it is hard and durable, as it is a fast growing grass and not wood. There is no alternative material that provides the same functionality."

Architect Ferry den Ridder
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MOSO® Bamboo Industriale

The staircase occupies a prominent position in the reception area of the new Ricoh office. The stairs are clad with Bamboo Industriale flooring. This sustainable bamboo flooring is also used in the office areas. MOSO® Bamboo Industriale consists of short, solid bamboo strips, showing a distinctive pattern of lines once installed. The floor will last for many generations, thanks to the thick top layer (up to 15 mm). Furthermore MOSO® Solid Bamboo Panels are used as wall coverings in the interior of the office and the entrance area. The window frames in the office area are made from MOSO® Bamboo Beams.

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Bamboo stairs in Ricoh Office

Bamboo: one of the fastest growing renewable materials

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable materials in the world. Bamboo is a grass species, with the properties of wood. In just five years, a bamboo stem matures and is ready for harvest. Unlike wood, no clearcutting takes place; the plant continues to grow, producing new stems. After harvesting the stems are cut into bamboo strips and processed into flooring, panels, beams or veneer. LCA reports conducted show that almost all MOSO® Bamboo Products are CO2 neutral during the product lifespan.

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Bamboo growth in forest shoots coming from ground


“A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus MOSO® Bamboo will last for years to come.”

Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager MOSO International BV, the Netherlands

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