Bridge Pont d’Issy Orange Head Office

Not a single architectural element of the new Orange headquarters escaped the MOSO® Bamboo solutions. Installed from the floor to the ceiling and the walls, the prominence of bamboo characterises this large-scale office, located in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Ideally located in the city, the building is ready to accommodate 3,000 employees of one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. This ambitious and innovative project was designed by the VIGUIER agency and developed by Altarea Cogedim.

A building defined by a strong architectural identity, combining concrete and biobased elements

Spread over 56,000 m², the new Orange headquarters, known as “Bridge”, can hardly go unnoticed in Issy-les-Moulineaux. For this highly symbolic project, architectural firm VIGUIER were keen to select a small number of materials in order to achieve a harmonious whole within the exterior and interior architecture. The decision to use bamboo, metal and concrete materials contributes to the uniform appearance. For the interior, the architects opted for MOSO® Bamboo Wall covering and Flooring covering in the atrium and various other areas.

Support from MOSO® Bamboo experts to fulfil the requirements of the project

The decision to use biobased materials was not immediately clear that it would be bamboo, which was initially only intended for the parquet flooring, even though the architect initially preferred oak. The project developer was particularly concerned about the durability of the chosen material, which was considered to be a key point of the project. In the first instance, bamboo was chosen because of its technical qualities. The material met all the requirements in terms of resistance to indention, as well as its strong advantages in terms of durability and flexibility. This flexibility allowed for all kinds of creativity. However, there was one last point to be addressed: the colour tone of the bamboo had to be close to that of oak. In order to meet this aesthetic requirement, MOSO® quickly understood the wishes and adapted, mobilising the teams on the production site, located in China, to alter the colour of the flooring until the desired finish was obtained. Convinced by the possibilities, the architectural firm decided to use bamboo not only for flooring, but also for the walls and ceilings.

Customised bamboo flooring

A total of 8,600 m2 of BambooPlex flooring has been installed inside the building, in high-traffic areas and on staircases. The BambooPlex floor, with a 4.5 mm thick High Density® bamboo wear layer, ensures resistance to heavy traffic. MOSO® BambooPlex has a high level of stability, which also allows it to be installed on underfloor heating. Last but not least, it was also delivered FSC certified to meet the environmental requirements of the project.

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Bridge Pont d'Issy Orange Head Office

"MOSO® Bamboo encourages architectural creativity! Widely represented in the new Orange headquarters, bamboo was able to allow numerous applications, from flooring to ceiling." Jean-Pascal COSTA Sales Director France MOSO International BV

Jean-Pascal Costa, Sales Director France MOSO International BV

Bamboo panels, veneers and beams

The auditorium is externally and internally covered with bamboo veneer and flexible Flexbamboo rolls that perfectly fit the curves of the room. To meet acoustic performance requirements, bamboo veneer is applied to acoustic panels. The backrests and stow away tables of the seating area have also been covered with bamboo veneer. MOSO® Bamboo Beams beautifully decorate the false ceiling and curtain wall. The manufacturers themselves carried out the finishing work in the same spirit as the production of the parquet, with MOSO® solutions supplied as semi-finished products. Thus, the colours have been altered to match the colour of the parquet. Finally, solid MOSO® Bamboo panels have been used to create elegant handrails, doors and frames.

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Bridge Pont d'Issy Orange Head Office

Bamboo extends to outside area

Outside, 1,200 m² of Bamboo X-treme® Decking board in 178 mm width covers the roof and balconies, creating a continuity between the interior and exterior of the building. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is a decking board produced by combining heat treatment with high-density compression of the bamboo strips. Thanks to this process, the decking has the highest durability. It is Class 1 certified in terms of biological durability (according to EN 350 tested following CEN/TS 15083-2, simulated graveyard test and CEN/TS 15083-1) and Use Class 4 (EN 335).

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Bridge Pont d'Issy Orange Head Office


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