Edificio San José de la Sierra

The San José de la Sierra building is a three-storey complex of 8 flats constructed from concrete with attractive bamboo shutters. The design took into account the height differences and unevenness of the terrain, and the architects created three vertical cores. Each flat has an outdoor space. By placing the windows at a deeper level, the massive building appears lighter. Both the windows and the outdoor areas are covered with Bamboo X-treme®: the thermally modified bamboo beams have been used in the shutters and the balustrades.

San Jose building shutters after 4 years of installation

4 years after the installation of the Bamboo X-treme® Beam shutters, MOSO® returned to visit the San Jose building. The colour of the Bamboo X-treme® Beams has evolved over the years to a beautiful weathered caramel. The biggest challenge when installing small and thin sections of the beams outside is the stability. However, the beams are still as straight as ever, fulfilling their role as a shutter perfectly.

Project details

German y Nicolás del Rio
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