Private Residence at Solana Beach

Nature regularly challenges the skills of architects and installers alike. This private residence’s sundeck at Solana Beach, near San Diego in sunny California, posed a special challenge to the terrace constructors due to its location near a cliff. The framing was particularly complicated, but so was the choice of material. Since the deck had to be installed close to the ground, it needed to be resistant to high moisture levels and saltwater air.

Tropical hardwood was not an option

The owner already had ideas about the choice of material and would have preferred to use Ipé hardwood. However, terrace specialist Fraser Decks & Patio Covers, who was commissioned with this unique project, assessed the situation on site and concluded that Ipé would not be an option. Due to the fact that the terrace could not been cleared for the ventilation required for this hardwood, an alternative material had to be found.

Bamboo as alternative material

Since the homeowner did not want a composite decking material and had already opted for bamboo flooring in the house, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® decking quickly came to the table. The owner was thrilled about the decking boards that convinced him with how they looked, felt and held up in warm weather. The fact that they become a lovely weathered grey tone over time, but that it’s also possible to maintain the rich dark brown colour, was a benefit as well.

Bamboo Terrace at a Private Residence in Solana Beach, California

“You can maintain it and keep the rich brown color or you can let it fade on its own and it will still look amazing.”

Dave Fraser, owner Fraser Decks & Patio Covers

Previous positive experience with bamboo

Fraser had already worked with the product before and was convinced of the beauty and quality. In addition to its convincing technical and aesthetic properties, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® shines with sustainability advantages. Bamboo X-treme® is CO2 neutral or better during the product lifespan. Before the project planning was finalized, a representative from MOSO® was available to review the project so that Fraser could obtain the necessary warranty services. MOSO® offers a 25 year warranty period on Bamboo X-treme® Decking boards.

Perfect end result with bamboo

For the project, which ultimately took 6 weeks to complete, a total of 325 m² of bamboo decking and an additional 95 m² of matching bamboo cladding were installed. In spite of the great pressure to succeed, due to the unusual nature of the task, since it was after all not a typical backyard terrace, the product and the final result were completely convincing.

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"The homeowner was thrilled and we were able to move forward with the project. If it weren’t for MOSO, this project likely never could have happened."

Dave Fraser, owner Fraser Decks & Patio Covers


A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus MOSO® Bamboo will last for years to come.

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