Solarium Beach at Monaco

Monaco solarium is an artificial beach located at the foot of Fort Antoine in the luxurious principality of Monaco. It is built in the form of concrete steps with several ladders that provide access to the sea. The high esplanade of the solarium was recently renovated with the installation of the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking on the Grad® system. The MOSO® Bamboo Decking has a high durability and provides a warm appearance, in contrast to the grey colour of the concrete. Installation of Bamboo X-treme® Decking Boards on the Grad® system allows for a quick installation, thanks to the two grooves on the back of the board that are clipped onto the Grad® rail and clip. With the Grad® system, fasteners are invisible and the boards can be removed with the special Grad® keys, thus allowing access to the structure underneath the terrace. This renovated area offers a place to relax with its many benches, sports activities where Monegasques can enjoy wonderful sea views while working out and several shower areas.


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Jean Pascal Costa
Area Sales Manager, France

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