The SPEEHUIS is a home and office for SPEE architects. The design allows the house to blend into the surrounding forest, thanks to its natural appearance and the use of natural materials. As well as this, the house and office are energy-neutral and innovatively built with circular and bio-based materials. Not only the façade of the SPEEHUIS, but the sloping roof is also finished with Bamboo X-treme® beams, installed on a Grad system making the installation hidden and demountable.

Circular and bio based

The decision to build with bamboo beams mounted on the Grad installation system is fully in line with the principles of the SPEEHUIS: energy-neutral building using circular and bio-based materials. Bamboo X-treme® consists of more than 90% of thermally modified bamboo strips. During its growth, bamboo absorbs a lot of CO2, which remains stored throughout the product lifespan. Around the house, 9 m³ of Bamboo X-treme® cladding has been installed. This equates to 15,736 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to the CO2 emission of 132,235 km driven in the average car.

Speehuis bamboe gevelbekleding

Rapid renewability of bamboo

In addition to the CO2 absorption, the rapid renewability of bamboo is an ecological advantage: MOSO bamboo stems can be harvested after only 4-5 years. After harvesting, the bamboo plant does not die and there is no deforestation. On the contrary, more and faster new stems will grow from the mother plant. Thus, bamboo can be harvested annually and a bamboo plantation is sustainable and fair trade for the farmers. Suppose that the lifespan of the cladding is set at 25 years, that is the period in which MOSO® warranties the material, then the bamboo stems will grow back at least 5 times.

Bamboe gevelbekleding op Speehuis

Grad installation system for facade cladding

Installation on the Grad hidden and demountable installation system make the facade cladding circular and future-proof. The bamboo cladding and aluminium installation system can be easily separated and recycled separately.

Speehuis bamboe gevelbekleding

"High density" bamboo from MOSO® is, in my opinion, one of the most sustainable bio-based products available today. Because of its unique properties, it remains beautiful in the long term, provided it is well detailed."

Bart Spee, SPEE architects

Stable bamboo wood fits in a contemporary design

The façade of the house and office have been designed with extreme care, enabling the gutters and drip sills to be tucked away, meaning all the slats of the roof and façade seamlessly merge into one another. Due to the spatial set-up, composition of large windows, verandas with canopies and the natural appearance, a unique and contemporary residential and work building is created to become one with nature. This design requires a material that is very durable, hard and dimensionally stable. Bamboo X-treme, a natural material, is extremely durable and dimensionally stable and harder than most types of wood. The relatively new material has already proven itself more than worthy as a decking board, with around 6 million m² of terraces installed worldwide, and is rapidly gaining ground as a facade cladding. Like other natural materials, Bamboo X-treme® will age when exposed to the weather, giving it a beautiful, natural look.

Project details

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“A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus MOSO® Bamboo will last for years to come.”

Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager MOSO International BV, the Netherlands

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