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Situated only 500 meter away from Berlin central station, Vabali Spa offers peace and relaxation in the big city hustle. Inspired by Balinese villages, the Spa focuses on traditional bamboo and wood building material for the inner and outer areas of the 20.000 square meter big facility. Guests can enjoy the revitalizing atmosphere of the beautiful bamboo terraces at the swimming pool for sun bathing in the summer and for cooling-off after a sauna visit in the winter. Because of the special Thermo-Density® treatment, the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® outdoor decking is resistant to fungi and micro-organisms and therefore keeps its beauty and durability.

Project details

The use of high value materials

True to the motto “Quality first”, the aim of the Theune Spa Management company is to build modern and advanced spa facilities. The new Berlin Spa was created as a combination of innovative ideas and proven structures that resulted in a completely new concept. This approach is clearly visible through the well thought space and garden concept and the use of high value materials.

Reeded decking Vabali Spa

Best certifications, convincing durability

The solid MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking is an ecological, weather resistant and durable alternative for well-known products of increasingly scarce tropical hardwood. A study according to ISO 14040/44 showed that the boards are CO2 neutral during the product lifespan. After testing in accordance with EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is classified into durability class 1. A special patented treatment consisting of the compression of bamboo under high pressure with a special heat treatment at 200°C makes the material not only resistant to mildew and fungi (class 0 to EN 152), but also prevents the formation of cracks and changes in shape in the long-term. A treatment with fungicides is not necessary.

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Vabali Spa decking detail

“Maintenance costs may increase disproportionately with the use of poor materials. We have installed 2500 m2 of decking, a not inconsiderable amount. By choosing bamboo instead of tropical wood or another classic material, we can contribute to protecting natural resources.”

Markus Theune, Director of Theune Spa Management
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The builders chose a visible screw

To emphasise the authenticity of the natural material, the builders chose a visible screw mounting of the decking boards from above. With a total of 110000 screws the clear distinction from composite decking is immediately visible. In gardening and landscape building, not only the appearance but also the required costly installation time plays an important role in the choice of material. Thanks to the symmetrical shape of the side profile of the decking boards, with a size of 1850 x 130 x 20 mm, the deck can quickly be screwed to the under construction with fasteners. The end matched system at the ends of the boards can save an impressive amount of material and thus save costs, in the continuous installation of the boards.

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About bamboo

Bamboo is a grass, and is considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth. A new shoot can grow up to one meter per day. In addition, bamboo reaches an incredible hardness: it is many times stronger than oak or the still popular and endangered tropical hardwoods. Every year a fifth of all the poles of the giant bamboo can be harvested without jeopardizing the stock. A system of sustainable forest management ensures responsible yield and increases the CO2 absorption. With its extraordinary properties, bamboo has evolved in recent years into a much sought-industrial product. Nowadays parquet floors, stairs, wall and ceiling coverings, door panels, beams, furniture and much more is created with this millennial commodity. Who would have thought that a grass might be an alternative to hardwood or tropical wood?

How bamboo products are made

"MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is visually very stylish and has the best certifications."

Markus Theune, Director of Theune Spa Management


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Area Sales Manager MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

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