Hotel Jakarta

MOSO® is proud to have contributed significantly to the green look-and-feel with its diverse sustainable bamboo products. With its opening in late June 2018, Amsterdam has a new sustainable hotspot for world travellers, the Java Island neighbourhood community and residents of the capital.


BREEAM Excellent
2750 m²
7743 m²
5800 m
540 m²

Green greener greenest

Hotel Jakarta by WestCord breathes nature. The beauty of the new sustainable hotspot on Java island in central Amsterdam lies in its impressive inner subtropical garden in combination with a diversity of natural bamboo building materials. Many sustainable applications like solar panels and a rainwater collector have been installed in the energy-neutral complex, which is now the greenest hotel in the Netherlands.

MOSO®竹产品应用在Hotel Jakarta阿姆斯特丹

BREEAM Excellent certification

Hotel Jakarta by WestCord makes Amsterdam the city with the greenest hotel in the Netherlands. Green in several meanings: one of the most sustainable hotels in Europe and certainly the best example of a place that breathes nature. Right next to the entrance and lobby, the lush subtropical garden, together with the warm bamboo materials, defines the natural atmosphere that is the keynote of the whole building. Hotel Jakarta has been decorated with the BREEAM Excellent certification. Besides the green benefits and beautiful natural looks, MOSO® Bamboo products have been chosen for the broad colour selection and MOSO®’s flexibility to deliver custom-made solutions.

Why bamboo is sustainable

“The use of bamboo forges a narrative across time and geography. This traditional material of the Far East connects Hotel Jakarta to a chapter of Dutch-Indonesian shipping history written on site. Bamboo is a natural, highly modern answer to the present need to create sustainable environments.”

Kathrin Hanf, SeARCH architects

Unique concept with emphasis on sustainability

When in the end of 2013 the city was looking for a partner for the development, realisation and financing of a special hotel project at the head of Java Island, right near Amsterdam central station, the criteria were quite demanding. The prominent location required a unique concept with focus on architecture, sustainability, as well as a communal program. From many submitted plans, WestCord Hotels, together with SeARCH architecture office, could prove themselves in the final selection round. The story behind the winning concept took its starting point in the maritime connection between Amsterdam and Asia to create one of the most stunning green hotels in Europe.

The ‘bamboo ship’

One of the hotel’s highlights is certainly the ‘bamboo ship’ above the bar in the gastronomy area. The beams were artfully cut from panels to create the outline of an ancient trading boat. The installation is again a reference to the Dutch-Asian trade relations. Relations that also apply to MOSO®, being a Dutch company specialized in bamboo products that are grown and produced in and shipped from Asia into Europe and the rest of the world.

Versatile bamboo

Hotel Jakarta perfectly shows how versatile bamboo really is as a building material. If you look closely, you can discover many different types and colours of bamboo all around you. Some subtle, some striking – bamboo flooring, wall covering, ceilings, window frames, doors, beams and furniture details will sooner or later catch your eye. The broad selection of natural colours blends seamlessly into each other to create a harmonious whole that stands in fresh contrast to the industrial character of the concrete and glass. Besides the warm appearance, many of the bamboo materials have been chosen for their high durability.




Edwin van Houten
MOSO® 区域销售经理, 荷兰

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