Bamboo solutions for industrial clients

除了范围广泛的各类地板、板材和刨切片及户外产品之外,MOSO® 还可为各行各业的客户研发独特的定制竹材解决方案,同时满足极高的要求。


Customised solutions

Applications like bamboo ceilings, special computer flooring and outdoor signage, which requires a special treatment of materials, are among the products in which MOSO® created customised solutions.


Unique co-creation

MOSO® 与客户一起共同创造了独特的竹材解决方案,适用于各个行业,包括家具、汽车、厨房、消费品、计算机机房、绿色建筑行业等。

Unique and durable bamboo solutions for different industries

MOSO® Bamboo Unlimited offers several advantages over other materials:


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