bamboo veneer ceiling

MOSO® world leader in bamboo

With 20 years’ experience in a relatively new industry, MOSO International leads the market in innovative and sustainable bamboo products for interior and exterior applications. MOSO® is recognized globally as the premier brand in bamboo because of its continued commitment to sustainability, product quality, and innovation.

The MOSO® products are divided into four groups:

MOSO® Bamboo Outdoor

Our unique Thermo-Density® heat treatment technology alters the hardness of the bamboo, increasing its overall durability for outdoor applications such as decking and siding.

Bamboo outdoor products

MOSO® Bamboo Flooring

Various flooring types are available in multiple sizes, colors and styles, providing dozens of bamboo flooring options for any space.

Bamboo flooring 

MOSO® Bamboo
Beams, Panels & Veneer

A broad assortment of bamboo panels, veneer and beams in various sizes, colors and styles that complement the MOSO® flooring range perfectly.

Bamboo beams, panels & veneer

MOSO® Unlimited Solutions

Unique customized bamboo solutions meeting exceptionally stringent requirements for industrial clients and high-end projects.

Unlimited Solutions