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Tel Aviv Municipal Engineering Headquarters

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Tel Aviv Municipal Engineering Headquarters

Bamboo deck and color play in flooring and cladding

The Tel Aviv Municipal Engineering Headquarters was built as a maze of long corridors, numeral exits and staircases: only experienced visitors knew their way around. The main goal of this project was to turn this gloomy awkward building, to a lively welcoming residents service center. The internal courtyard, previously used as parking, filled with exposed sewer pipes and ornamented with air-condition engines, has transformed into an active vibrant lobby enabling easy orientation and accessibility to all wings – characterized by colored gates. The entire compound is now covered with pergola and plants. An inviting new cafeteria was added along with waiting areas and gardening.

The entrance walls were covered with MOSO Bamboo X-treme® cladding in order to differentiate it from the surrounding buildings, but also to visually connect it with the courtyard which was entirely floored with MOSO Bamboo X-treme® decking - including structured seating, benches and planters. The bamboo material was chosen thanks to its warm and welcoming nature, adding context to the surrounding facilities while providing a calm background to the colorful building gates.

Dana Sade – Livay Dvoriansky Architects
Lior Teitler
Tel Aviv, Israel