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Why not reduce our collective carbon footprint by limiting travel and promoting the tools already available online? Today, more than ever, we are learning to change our daily habits. At MOSO® we’ve decided to offer conferences on a variety of topics such as ecology, certifications, applications and more. We invite you to discover our web conferences below and watch the content online for free.

MOSO® Meet & Learn session, English

One of the questions asked to MOSO® the most is why. Why using bamboo, known for being a poor man’s timber, for construction projects? And why is it sustainable? How does MOSO® do that and what are the possibilities?

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Bamboo is a material that has been used for centuries as a building element in some parts of the world, however, engineered bamboo is relatively new in modern architecture. During the MOSO Meet & Learn session we have explained how poor man’s timber can meet high end construction requirements. Rene Zaal (CEO & Founder) and Arjen Veltman (Sales Director) explain how bamboo can be applied in modern architecture. Its natural beauty, ecological advantages and wood-like technical characteristics have made bamboo a sustainable construction solution.

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TEDxTalk: Bamboo to save the world

A conference focused on circular economy, non-renewable Vs renewable materials and bamboo in the building industry

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Within a century most commonly used building materials will be depleted. Yet there is a rapidly renewable, carbon negative – yet often overlooked – solution: giant bamboo. Because of its ability to restore degraded land, reforesting with bamboo could mitigate climate change and provide an enormous source of raw material. Furthermore, industrially processed bamboo can be used in a multitude of modern applications. Not only in the building industry, but also in interior design and the textile, paper and energy industry.


  • Dr. ir. Pablo van der Lugt
    Author Booming Bamboo, TEDx speaker and Head of Sustainability at MOSO International

CEU course: Continuing Education Course Booming Bamboo The (re)discovery of a sustainable material with endless possibilities

MOSO® offers the most complete continuing education (CEU) course about bamboo.

Online bamboo training

MOSO® Bamboo’s course, Booming Bamboo, is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is available all over the world as an online course through AEC Daily. AEC Daily is the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry’s leading source of free, online education in the USA and abroad. The course contains Sustainable Design information and is accredited for 1 Learning Unit (LU) and 1 Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Unit by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), but is also accepted by many other associations. To receive the Certificate of Completion (CoC) and the continuing education credits, a test must be completed within the course.

Online course through AEC DailyRequest course from MOSO®
Booming bamboo training

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