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CEO of MOSO® North America and host of MOSO® Minutes introduces the series of MOSO® bamboo videos in which the many elements of MOSO® are discussed, including bamboo resources, production, products, maintenance and our experience gained after working in the bamboo market for more than 20 years.

Bamboo resource

Transforming a hollow bamboo stem into a high quality MOSO® product – how is it done? In this MOSO® Minutes bamboo video, CEO of MOSO® North America takes us through the beginning of the MOSO® bamboo product journey and how a bamboo stem becomes a product.

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Bamboo production

This collection of MOSO® Minutes discuss the production process and steps taken to produce the large variety of MOSO® bamboo products. Choose the step to watch the bamboo video on YouTube!

Bamboo X-treme®

The following collection go into detail about several elements related to the MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® range, from decking to a maintenance video. Click on the bamboo video you want to see and you'll be taken to our YouTube channel.

Bamboo flooring

Here the variety of MOSO® bamboo flooring ranges are discussed, from heavy duty commercial flooring to an elegant bamboo floor to fit any home. Click on the bamboo video you would like to learn more about and watch it on YouTube.

Bamboo panels, beams & veneer

Last but not least, the MOSO® bamboo panels, beams & veneer product ranges are discussed, along with the different applications. Click on the bamboo video you would like to learn more about and watch it on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the MOSO® bamboo videos series several questions about bamboo products, maintenance and more were asked. These were covered in the concluding episode. Make sure to get in touch if you have any other questions about MOSO® bamboo or if you would like to know more about which bamboo product is the best fit for your project!

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