MOSO® Bamboo X-treme®: the fast growing alternative to tropical hardwood

Thanks to the unique Thermo-Density® production method, fast growing bamboo can be used for beautiful high quality decks, siding and other outdoor applications. Key benefits are the sustainability, durability, stability, fast and easy installation and the beautiful natural appearance. More than 60 million square feet (6 million m²) of Bamboo X-treme® decking is already installed worldwide since 2008.

Sustainable Bamboo X-treme outdoor products

The MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® range includes decking, siding, 1×4 T&G, and lumber. All products are made of bamboo produced with the Thermo-Density® method: the densification of bamboo fibers under very high pressure combined with a special thermal treatment at over 392°F.

"Bamboo is increasingly recognized as a sustainable product. Because of the enormous growing speed (up to 3 feet per day!), giant bamboo is ready for harvest within 5 years. This stands in sharp contrast with tropical hardwood that is ready for harvest after 50-100 years. Furthermore, official carbon footprint studies have shown that Bamboo X-treme® is CO2 neutral during the product lifespan.”

Brett Kelly, CEO MOSO North America Ltd
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Extremely stable and easy to install

The Thermo-Density® production method provides Bamboo X-treme with more stability than most natural products. The 6’ end-matched system is fast and easy to install. Bamboo X-treme installers save up to 30% on installation costs compared to compared to comparable tropical hardwood projects.

Bamboo Terrace at a Private Residence in Solana Beach, California

Extremely durable

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme boards provide a superior sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods. Bamboo X-treme only requires low maintenance and can withstand temperature changes almost without shrinking and swelling. Next to the durability and ecological advantages, the visual appearance is convincing: the natural structure of the material is authentic and noble. Like any natural material, the dark brown appearance turns grey over time. Depending on the desired appearance, Bamboo X-treme can be treated with regular outdoor maintenance material to keep a warm brown color.

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