Flexible bamboo covering material

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Flexbamboo covering material for all shapes

Within the MOSO assortment, Flexbamboo is the product that best depicts one important characteristic of bamboo: flexibility. As a bamboo plant dances and sways in the wind, Flexbamboo can sway with the shape of your interior. Flexbamboo is mostly used as an aesthetical covering material on walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture pieces.

MOSO® Flexbamboo benefits

  • MOSO Bamboo benefit co2 neutral
    CO2 neutral
  • hard & durable
  • natural beauty
  • super flexible
  • healthy

Decorative bamboo wall covering

Different than most MOSO® products, the bamboo strips are not glued or pressed together into a rigid panel: they are simply connected with a (fabric) backing layer. In this way, a very beautiful decorative layer is created which can be applied just like a veneer or thick wallpaper: it can be glued on a flat (MDF) panel, but also on curved panels, creating beautiful forms and shapes.

Flexbamboo brochureFlexbamboo technical datasheet

Asian charm with bamboo strips

In addition to the production, the surface of the product is different from the other MOSO products: instead of a smooth surface (sanded), the surface shows the texture of the individual bamboo strips. Each strip has a small radius creating a very interesting look with a certain ‘Asian’ charm.

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Very stable and resistant

As with any natural (wood) product, the stability is better when the product is thinner as it will shrink and swell less. All Flexbamboo strips are individual and thin (2 mm), making the product very stable and therefore highly resistant to changes in temperature/air humidity, compared to thicker/more solid products.

Processing & installation instruction
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Vast range with bamboo covering material

With Flexbamboo MOSO® offers a vast range of variations to choose from and create your own, personalised, bamboo look. The product is available either as sheet or on a roll. There are different strip widths available: 7 mm and 15 mm. Also in terms of color there is plenty to choose from: either the original bamboo color (Natural), or the carbonised (Caramel) version – and both can be finished with a transparent, sustainable LED oil coating in many different colors.

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Flexbamboo styles

To summarise: Flexbamboo is a very versatile product and its name really covers what it entails: maximum flexibility in terms of shape, behavior and looks.
 MPCF15-204-21 / MPCF15-244-21MPCF7-204-21 / MPCF7-244-21
TypeSolid stripSolid strip
Strip size (mm)2x152x7
Roll dimension (m)2.04x45 / 2.44x452.04x45 /2.44x45
 2.04 / 2.44 flexbamboo2.04 / 2.44 flexbamboo
Technical datasheetPDFPDF
Processing & installation instructionPDFPDF

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Area Sales Manager MOSO International B.V., the Netherlands

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