Yoroi charred bamboo cladding

Why make a black cladding even blacker? MOSO® Partner Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban knows why this creates beautiful facades as they introduce Yoroi: the first charred cladding board made from bamboo. The beautiful charred layer makes and keeps the façade black and creates an exclusive look.


Yoroi bamboo cladding

Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban uses MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® as the starting material for Yoroi cladding. The solid boards are made of bamboo strips that are compressed and thermally modified at 200°C. This unique Thermo-Density® process gives Bamboo X-treme® the highest durability class possible according to current EU norms and increases its stability, density and hardness. Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban processes the bamboo cladding boards using a special traditional Shou Sugi Ban wood charring technique, giving the boards a unique charcoal layer.

Yoroi Bamboo X-treme® by Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban Cladding benefits

  • MOSO-BambooX-treme_Benefit_WEB-White-Maintenance-free
    maintenance free
  • endless resource
  • high stability
  • fire resistant

Bamboo cladding with fire safety class B

Bamboo X-treme® itself is very fire resistant and can reach the fire safety class B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1) without impregnation of environmentally harmful fire retardants. Yoroi obtains an additional natural fire retardant through the charring process. Yoroi boards have also been extensively tested and achieve fire safety class B, even after a weathering test. Its fire safety class and minimum maintenance make it suitable for use in demanding applications. More information on the fire safety tests can be found on the Yoroi webpage at Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban.

Ecological façade cladding

Yoroi is made from FSC® certified bamboo boards. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is an abundantly available building material. MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® products have a negative carbon footprint during the product lifespan and the carbon footprint of Yoroi will of course be considered in detail.

MOSO Bamboo growth in the forest

Would you like to order a Yoroi sample or do you need more information?

Please contact Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban. Yoroi is not a standard sample in the sample box at MOSO or Zwarthout l Shou Sugi Ban.
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Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager Benelux, Moso International BV, the Netherlands

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