MOSO is not yet in a position to comment on the value of all stored materials lost during the fire. An insurance expert has been called in. The MOSO employees have resumed their work at a temporary location, until a location is found where business operations can be carried out during the rebuild of the head office and warehouse. The commercial activities are currently focused on informing customers and finding solutions for stock shortages caused by the fire. MOSO employee José de Ruijter-Luken: ‘Although the head office has been severely hit, the worldwide organisation remains intact. Our continuity is not in question. We are highly motivated and we are sure that, with all the help we have been offered, we will come out stronger.’

Update March 12th: Since this week the warehouse of MOSO International BV is located in Venhuizen, Markerwaardweg 8, about 10 kilometers from Zwaag. At this location the available bamboo products are stored. Deliveries to customers can be processed from the temporary warehouse. By the end of March, the office departments of MOSO will be accommodated in a temporary office building near the warehouse.

Are you a customer, supplier or carrier of MOSO products and do you have a question about an order or product? Then first read the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can contact MOSO International BV directly, preferably via [email protected] or by phone at 0229-265732. Our team of MOSO Europe SLU is available through [email protected] or +34 9357 49610.

Frequently asked questions


How did the fire start?

The cause of the fire is unknown and the investigation has started. No manufacturing took place in the building, located on the Adam Smithweg in Zwaag, the Netherlands. The fire started in the warehouse.

Have there been deaths and/or injuries?

Luckily there were no people present in our premises, nor those of our neighbors. There have been no injuries.

What are the direct consequences of the fire?

The entire head office of MOSO International BV must be considered lost, including all stock in the warehouse and work spaces in the office. At the moment, we are working with all hands on deck to start up again at another, temporary location.

What does this mean for MOSO worldwide?

Although the head office has been hit hard, our organization remains global. Our continuity is not in question. We are highly motivated and are sure that, with all the help offered, we will come out stronger.

What is the extent of the damage?

We are not yet in a position to comment on the extent of the damage.

Is MOSO insured for the damage?

MOSO is well insured for damage in case of fire. The financial consequences of the fire will be limited for MOSO.

Does this mean that there are no MOSO products available?

MOSO supplies its products through wholesale and other B2B customers. Distributors have stock of some products. There is also new stock on the way of products produced earlier this year by our partner manufacturers. Unfortunately, this does not alter the fact that there are currently fewer MOSO bamboo products available. Our sales team can estimate stock questions for you from week 10. MOSO International BV sales team can be reached via [email protected] or +31 229-265732, our team of MOSO Europe SLU is available through [email protected] or +34 9357 49610.

What are the consequences for my order?

The consequences for your order depend on the delivery and the type of product. MOSO delivers from various warehouses (in Zwaag and outside Europe) and through distributors;

  • If you are supplied through a wholesale/distributor, please contact this supplier.
  • If you are expecting a delivery from Zwaag, the bamboo products may have been lost in the fire or are still on their way to our warehouse. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why should I contact the distributor and why doesn’t MOSO do this?

In many cases, we do not have any information about our distributors’ onward deliveries. Our distributors usually order in larger quantities. Therefore, we cannot make any statements about orders through distributors.

If the products for my order have been lost in the fire, how soon do you expect to be able to deliver?

Currently, all orders and expected deliveries are being checked. Depending on the type of product, our sales team can offer an alternative or check when the product can still be delivered. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a general indication for this. You can contact our sales team.

I have a (project) quotation but haven’t ordered anything yet, when can I expect the products?

It is possible that the bamboo products were in stock at the time of the quotation, but have now been lost in the fire. The delivery time depends on the type of product. You can contact our sales team.

Can I order samples?

Unfortunately, the stock of samples and documentation was also lost in the fire. There are currently no samples available in Zwaag, the Netherlands. For specific projects, we may be able to supply samples from another location or via a distributor. Please contact our sales team.

Does MOSO have delivery problems due to the coronavirus (covid-19)?

MOSO’s partner manufacturers in China are dealing with the consequences of the virus. There are still restrictions on the movement of people and goods between different regions. As a result, some factories have limited production capacity. This caused a delay in deliveries which, without the fire, had very limited consequences due to an extra-large stock that we build up annually for Chinese New Year.

What are the consequences for transporters?

Goods are delivered or picked up at the temporary warehouse of MOSO International BV, Markerwaardweg 8 in Venhuizen. We try to approach all transporters directly with information about this delivery and pick-up address. You can contact our logistics department in Zwaag via [email protected] or 0229-265732, our team of MOSO Europe SLU is available through [email protected] or +34 9357 49610.

In what time frame do you expect the entire business operations to return to normal? 

Directly after the fire we believe it is still too early to generate an expectation of a time frame in which MOSO International BV will function again as it did before the fire. A number of business operations were restarted a few days after the fire, partly thanks to full automation in the cloud.

Have all my customer details and previous appointments been lost? 

All customer data and appointments made have been retained. These are stored in the cloud.

Who can we contact?

  • For current orders or other questions: [email protected] or telephone number +31229 265732.
  • For questions about the logistic handling of orders or deliveries: [email protected] or telephone number +31229 265732.
  • Our team of MOSO Europe SLU is available through [email protected] or +34 9357 49610.
  • For questions about the fire and reporting about it: José de Ruiter-Luken via [email protected] or telephone number +316 52321994.
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