Flexible bamboo covering material

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Rolls with fabric backing

MOSO® Flexbamboo is a flexible bamboo product often placed on a carrier (e.g. MDF) and mostly used as an aesthetic covering material on walls, ceilings, cabinets or furniture.

MOSO® Flexbamboo benefits

  • CO2 neutral
  • hard & durable
  • natural beauty
  • super flexible
  • healthy

Flexibility and ease

Flexbamboo thus combines the virtues of bamboo (aesthetical, sustainable) with flexibility and ease of installation.

Flexbamboo brochureFlexbamboo technical datasheet

Solid and veneered bamboo strip

The product is finished with a high quality LED hardwax oil. Flexbamboo is available in two different styles: solid strip and veneered strip.

Bamboo wallcovering in OD Talamanca Hotel

Versatile bamboo applications

MOSO® Flexbamboo is also available as bamboo flooring. The strips are connected by a latex backing, creating a kind of bamboo carpet.

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Flexbamboo styles

TypeSolid stripSolid stripSolid stripSolid strip
Strip size (mm)2x152x152x152x15
Roll dimension (m)2.04x452.44x30N/AN/A
Sheet dimensions (m)N/AN/A2.44x1.253.00x2.00
 2.04 / 2.44 flexbambooMOSO flexbamboo sheet dimensionsMOSO flexbamboo sheet dimensionsMOSO flexbamboo sheet dimensions
Installation instructionPDFPDFPDFPDF
Technical datasheetPDFPDFPDFPDF
TypeVeneered strip
Strip size (mm)4x50
Roll dimension (m)2.04x15
Sheet dimensions (m)N/A
 MOSO flexbamboo veneered strip dimensions
Technical datasheetPDF
Strip size (mm)2x152x7
Roll dimension (m)2.44x452.44x45
Sheet dimensions (m)N/AN/A
 MOSO flexbamboo solid strip dimensions
Installation instructionPDFPDF
Technical datasheetPDFPDF

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